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Degreed Accountants, CPAs and Finance professionals:

Submit your education and experience summary profile for free to be considered for Houston's hottest open positions in the fields of accounting and finance. Because we are focused only on accounting and finance and are true to the Houston job market, you won't find a more relevant site to improve your current job or employment status. Among the hundreds of Houston area employers posting positions on are companies in such various industries as energy, manufacturing and chemical, financial services, real estate, communications, high tech, and healthcare. These companies range from small entrepreneurial start-ups to large Fortune 500 companies. Each job posted on is a real, open position with one of these Houston Area employers. removes positions from its website within one week of being informed that a position has been filled or is no longer available. In this manner, the postings on represent a significant sampling of Houston's most available positions in the fields of accounting and finance. is the quickest, easiest, and least intrusive job board for candidates.  Rather than a thirty minute process of setting up an online application and resume, simply asks for a very brief profile, which can be completed in about two minutes.  Each profile submitted for a position is screened by a hiring expert with a personal background in accounting.  Those candidates with an educational background and experience summary best matching the requirements for the position will be contacted to further the process through resume submission and/or phone interviews and eventually face-to-face interviews.

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